K5HDM Sales

K5HDM Sales
Radio Upgrades & Programming

Flashport Upgrades:
*NEW!* Motorola Flashport Radio Firmware and DSP Upgrades!
-We now offer firmware upgrades for most Motorola handheld and mobile radios! Click Contact Us Below for more info.

Radio Programming:
-ASTRO25 Series (XTS5000, 4000, 2500, 1500, SSE5000, etc)
-MT & MTX Series (MT2000, MTS2000, MTX8000, MTX9000, MTX)
-ASTRO Series (ASTRO Saber, XTS3000, ASTRO Spectra)
-XTL Series (XTL2500, 5000)
-HT Series (older HT600 and HT750/HT1250/HT1250LS+)
-Saber (Systems Saber and Saber)
-Most any Synthesized (Non-Crystal) radio
-EF Johnson
-5100/51SL/5100 ES Series Radios
-Most Kenwood Mobile and Handheld Radios
-Icom P25 Digital Radios
-Uniden Scanners
-Model 396T, 396XT, 996T, 996XT, HomePatrol

Contact us if you don't see your series listed or have a question. I can program most any Motorola Radio.

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